Monday, April 21, 2014


I'm going to go ahead and throw this out there....I'm not a "beauty guru" by any means. I put it on myself daily and sometimes for my little sister when it's a special event. Therefore, I am not going to flat out say, "Hey girls, listen to all of my advice. I know what I am talking about." Because truth is, I probably don't. However, I do know what works for me.

That being said, unless I win the lottery you won't see me raving about Naked Palettes or anything like that unless they are in a clearance bin for $10. I am a cheap skate. Frugal. Thrifty. Stingy. Tight-wad. Whatever word you so choose to describe that I don't like to spend a lot of money.  My purpose of this beauty blog is to share how I get the makeup and beauty products that I have and how much I got them for. I highly doubt I will ever post youtube videos, because that's just not my style. The closest you'll get to my makeup looks will most likely be pictures of me and my husband (who is super hot, by the way).

I hope that you enjoy my ramblings and musings. I also hope that you save some money with my aid! Thanks for visiting!

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