Tuesday, November 18, 2014



Where do I even begin? I discovered Influenster back in March of 2012. I cannot believe that almost 3 years has gone by since I qualified for my first VoxBox! I will never forget the day that I actually received my 2012 Spring VoxBox. I was in shock! How did I even become eligible to get this box FULL of free full-size product? I didn't have much of a social media presence...I only had a couple hundred facebook friends and didn't even have instagram or a blog! I began to tell people about it nonetheless. After that first box, I did not stay as active for a few months. Then one day I decided to get back in the game. With a new facebook, instagram, twitter AND a blog, I was ready to really get into it! I have since received 6 VoxBoxes, as well as 2 Virtual VoxBoxes. Influenster inspired me to become active in social media. Not only to earn rewards for my work, but to help people out, whether it be by telling them where the best place to buy a certain product is, or how great a product I was able to test is. It has been such a fun journey. When Influenster re-vamped the website, I was fortunate enough to have my blog and some of my wedding stuff featured on The Hub! I was so excited and happy to see my blog post on the site, along with my pictures pinned to Influenster's pinterest board! It was so awesome and really neat to share with my family and friends! Influenster has most recently come out with an app! Do everything you need to do, ON YOUR PHONE (or tablet.).

I am not a huge social media presence. I do not influence the masses. I do not have a million subscribers on youtube, and I do not have posts sponsored by a company. However, I feel that I represent the average person who participates in Influenster. I am married, have a little boy on the way, work a full-time job earning an average salary. I enjoy shopping, doing my hair and makeup, and all things pinterest. My influence may not inspire people to blow their life savings on high end makeup or clothing. I do think I can give people an idea of how to achieve looks they want for what they have to work with. I know how to live within and less than my means. As my blog's slogan says, "You don't have to spend big bucks to look like a million." I am living proof of this.

If you are reading this blog and have never heard of influenster, you have now. My blog has a link to influenster where you can sign up and begin making your mark and begin your journey to earning these great rewards. If you have heard me sing the praises of influenster and you haven't joined yet...WHY NOT?! If you have any questions about how it works, email me, comment, let me know somehow, someway and I will do my best to make you successful. Oh, and in case you didn't know, INFLUENSTER IS COMPLETELY FREE. No ifs, ands, or buts. No gimmicks. No inputting your credit card number for any reason. It's free. With that awesome PSA, I bid you farewell.

To join Influenster, simply visit www.influenster.com

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